FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AiroDoctor and how does it work?

The AiroDoctor is a compact and powerful air purifier that is equipped with a fourfold filter combination. It uses pre-filters, activated carbon and suspended matter (HEPA) and UV-LED photo-catalysis filters to filter out, decompose and render harmless the entire spectrum of pollutant particles, viruses, bacteria and odors. Without chemical additives. Environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Which air impurities, pollutants and pathogens can the AiroDoctor filter?

The AiroDoctor filters the majority of all air impurities such as hair, dust and fine dust and decomposes and neutralizes 99,95% of all odors, harmful gases, bacteria (e.g. coli and multi-resistant germs) and viruses (e.g. influenza and coronaviruses).

What is photocatalysis?

Photocatalysis describes a chemical reaction triggered by light. Inside the AiroDoctor, a surface coated with titanium oxide (TiO2) is irradiated with UV light, which means that all organic compounds on this surface are eliminated. Germs, bacteria and viruses are decomposed and rendered harmless.

What are the advantages of the AiroDoctor?

The AiroDoctor is a modern and environmentally friendly air cleaning system. It is suitable for commercial and public institutions, but also for private use. Thanks to the photocatalytic filter system based on titanium oxide, the entire spectrum of harmful substances can be filtered from the air. Without harmful residues. The AiroDoctor has a low energy consumption during operation and works at a pleasant noise level.

Can the AiroDoctor also be used against influenza SARS-CoV-2?

Yes. The AiroDoctor decomposes and neutralizes even the smallest particles (including viruses) with a diameter of 0.1 µm, without releasing harmful residues as other technologies would do. This makes the AiroDoctor particularly suitable for health care facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, retirement homes or medical practices.

Can the AiroDoctor also neutralize unpleasant smells?

Yes. The AiroDoctor neutralizes 99,95% of unpleasant smells, and without any chemical additives. This process is carried out by the photocatalytic UV-LED filter technology, in which microorganisms are rendered harmless by the irradiation of the titanium oxide. The AiroDoctor is therefore suitable for healthcare facilities or for offices and industrial plants. It is also used effectively in veterinary practices.

For which areas is the AiroDoctor suitable?

The AiroDoctor is suitable for all types of premises and facilities: hospitals, medical practices, laboratories, retirement homes and kindergartens, offices and shops. The AiroDoctor is also suitable for private and home use.

Is the AiroDoctor suitable for allergy sufferers?

The AiroDoctor is ideal for allergy sufferers. Pollen, dust mite droppings and mold spores are filtered out and rendered harmless.

How often do I have to change the filters on the AiroDoctor?

It’s recommended to vacuum or wash the pre-filter once every two months.The activated carbon and HEPA filters are changed every 3-6 months. The UV-LED photocatalytic filter made of 250g solid titanium oxide material has hardly any wear and thus has an almost unlimited lifespan.

What distinguishes the AiroDoctor from conventional filter systems?

In addition to the excellent cleaning performance of solid substances and particles thanks to the graduated filter system, the AiroDoctor mainly scores by killing the smallest organic particles such as bacteria and viruses and the associated destruction of odors and pathogens.

Is there any risk of infection from the filter?

Conventional filters, such as intake filters and HEPA filters, only retain and remove harmful particles from the air. Over time, the filter saturates with germs and viruses. It will not only lose its effectiveness, but could even be harmful, releasing the pollutants retained in the filter back into the air.

With AiroDoctor, the purified air comes into contact with the photocatalyst, which uses oxygen radicals to decompose and completely destroy germs and viruses. There is therefore no possibility of subsequent release and contamination of the air. Nor is it necessary to replace this filter, as it can be used almost indefinitely, without the need for special maintenance.